Gratitude Adjustment: 5 Simple Shifts To Refresh Your Perspective and Ignite Your Life

Paperback & Kindle Edition

Just imagine

Being able to access an infallible source of wisdom the instant you need it. Making changes easily, effortlessly, and permanently. Harnessing the power of trust to open the floodgates of abundance. Joyfully and confidently sharing your gifts with the world. Experiencing freedom from guilt forever. All of this – and more – is possible when you tap into the most powerful force on the planet: Gratitude. This short and sweet guide will show you how to easily integrate thankfulness into your life, no matter how busy or stressed you are. Whether you pick and choose from the Five Shifts or practice all of them, you will come away with a renewed spirit and the ability to create the life you've always dreamed of. Make your own gratitude adjustment. You'll be glad you did.


Waiting to Wake

Paperback & Kindle Edition

Charlotte Grayson can’t complain about her life. A marriage of 17 years, a solid job at a successful law firm, a beautiful home and her beloved dog, Phoebe. But when she turns 45 and loses her mother in rapid succession, her grief collides with a gnawing sense of fear: of time running out and life dragging on.

But after the memorial service, Charlotte convinces herself to settle back into the status quountil a family friend presents her with a box of mementos left behind by her mother. The contents reveal a life – and a love – that Charlotte never knew existed, and force her to decide whether or not merely having “no complaints” is good enough anymore.

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