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“Yes! That’s exactly what I wanted to say!”

Even after years as a professional writer and editor, hearing that phrase from a client never gets old. I have a true passion for not only creating content that connects with their desired audience, but also helping them to polish and present their own work to the world.

I am energized by the opportunity to lend my talents to a wide variety of projects; working with and for people who truly care about what they do and the customers they serve.

Challenges? The bigger the better. The alchemist in me thrives on brainstorming dry or technical subject matters into enjoyable, reader-friendly material. Whether I’m ghost blogging or breaking out my grammar geek credentials for an editing job, I love what I do, and it shows in the finished product.

Writing & Content Specialties


For me, great copy is more about feeling than formula. Your words are what connects you to your readers, followers or coveted clientele. And I believe the best way to build and maintain those treasured relationships is with copy that sounds like you, not a best practices boilerplate. I can help you create content that feels right, real and representative of you and your brand.


Nothing makes me happier than taking great work and making it exceptional. Whether it's a once-over for grammar and spelling snafus, or a more in-depth conceptual edit, I've got you covered.


Always wanted to have a blog for your company, but you’re just too busy doing business (which is a great problem to have!)? I can take the pressure out of posting by creating regularly scheduled pieces that fit your time frame and speak in your  voice, to your target audience.

Script Writing

Whether it's cinematic or corporate, personal or product-related, I can help you craft your unique story and bring it to life online or onscreen.

Creative Catalyst

You have a long-held dream project locked inside you, but just haven't quite found the heart to start. Or maybe you're already knee-deep in the process but life's pressures have you feeling stalled. I can provide a fresh set of eyes and the creative jump-start you need to get you off the ground or back up and running again.

How about making joy the new normal in your life? It’s easier than you think. Connect with me and I’ll send you my guide
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