Waiting For Goodbye

Featured in Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival (HRIFF) 2017 and Phoenix Film Festival 2017

This film explores the thoughts and emotions of Claire as she experiences the final morning with her beloved Shih Tzu, Beau. Through her process of letting go, Claire reflects on her immense love for Beau, and the realization that he has been with her for over half of her life. As the moment of the last goodbye approaches, Claire tries desperately to hold onto a moment that will soon be a memory. With so many of us having experienced the painful decision to put down our family pet, it is our hope that Waiting For Goodbye will be a point of discussion that will help make sense of something that in the moment seems so senseless.


My producing partner (director and Emmy winning cinematographer Curt Apduhan) and I were gratified to have our first short film Anniversary produced and featured in several film festivals both here in the US and abroad during the 2013-2014 season, most notably the critically acclaimed Aesthetica Short Film Festival (ASFF) in York, UK. ASFF is fairly new on the international film festival circuit, but has quickly established itself as a patron of innovative and contemporary short films.

Anniversary is the tale of a Husband and Wife who plan to spice up their 10th anniversary celebration by hiring an exotic Dancer to perform for them in their hotel room. The evening takes an unexpected turn when their interaction with the Dancer reveals more than mere erotic intentions, testing the couple's relationship and exposing the emotional scars of everyone involved.


Currently In Development

XANDER is the story of a man struggling to make sense of the violence of his pastand one event in particular that left him broken, enraged and questioning every aspect of his life. Disconnecting completely from everyone and everything, he settles into a solitary existence as a nomad in the margins of society. But when a spontaneous heroic deed brings him to the attention of the public – and an ambitious journalist – a choice must be made to keep running or return to face his demons.

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