“I’m only human.”

I used to say that all the time. Usually when I was failing miserably at something and wanted to deflect any suggestion that I should step up my game.

“I can’t write a book. I’m too busy. “
“I can’t create a website. Technology hates me.”
“How am I supposed to eat a salad when a perfectly good pan of brownies is in grave danger of going stale?”

I’m only human.

But while those three little words provided me with a handy-dandy hall pass for avoidance, it always felt wrong. Like I was using my status as a mere mortal as an excuse to not rise higher.  To achieve all that I knew I was capable of.

So, what’s wrong with declaring yourself to be human?

Nothing at all.

As long as you leave out the qualifier that will put the brakes on your potential greatness:


I love the way John Mayer addresses the idea of wanting to go beyond our limits in his song “Bigger Than My Body.”

Someday I’ll fly
Someday I’ll soar
Someday I’ll be so damn much more
Cause I’m bigger than my body gives me credit for

We all dream of being so much more than what we appear to be. To amaze the world – or maybe just ourselves – with the strength, talent and innate bad-assery that has lain dormant for much too long.

So, what do you do to get beyond the often minimal “credit” your physical self says you’re due?

First off, remind it very politely who’s boss:

Your God-given soul.

The spirit that animates the earth suit you’re living in for the time being.  The divine spark that was set off the day you were born and has kept you going up until this very moment.

The part of you that knows you’re meant for more than what you’ve accepted as the status quo.

Secondly, do something.


Right now.

One tiny step forward that will signal your intent to once and for all stop believing the bullsh*t story that you’re “only” human.

Write the first sentence of your novel.

Throw some color on a canvas.

Capture a moment in your sketch book.

Destroy your kitchen in pursuit of the perfect spaghetti sauce.

Sing. Loudly.

Lastly, try this mantra on for size:

I am contained by nothing and no one.

Those words came to me recently when I felt constrained by circumstances, both real and imagined. I wasn’t drinking my own koolaid when it came to living in Einstein Time, so I felt rushed and scattered.

Every time I’d reach for my work in progress, my phone would launch into an urgent symphony of beeps and pings.

The clock ticked out a constant reminder that in “X” minutes I was supposed to be somewhere else.

I could feel  my resentment choking off any and all creativity.

Why can’t the world just leave me alone so I can do what I want  – and need – to do?

Then I realized it wasn’t the world’s fault that I was stalling out.

It was mine.

So, I took a deep breath, and out came the aforementioned mantra that reminded that I can never be confined unless I allow myself to be.

Because I am bigger than my body.

So are you.

Prove it to yourself. Today.

Your greatness is waiting. And I for one can’t wait to see it unleashed.