Whether or not you’re concerned that the White House is in danger of turning into a satellite campus for the Kremlin, there is one thing we can all (hopefully) agree to be thankful for: we live in a country where we possess the freedom of expression.

Think about that. I mean, really let it sink in.

If you have a book, film, artistic work or even a simple bumper sticker-sized message to share with the world, no one will physically prevent you from putting it out there.

You can proclaim your faith – or lack thereof – and you won’t be thrown in prison.

You can champion a cause that sears your soul. At the top of your lungs, and in broad daylight.

So, in honor of this privilege, it’s time to realize that “just add water” is only a good directive for condensed soup and Chia Pets. Not so much when it comes to speaking your personal truth.

I know I’ve been guilty of taking this blessing for granted. Keeping quiet because I didn’t want to rock any boats, hurt any feelings or alienate anyone.

But that got me nowhere.

By trying to be something to everyone, I was nothing to anyone.

So, here’s the truth about me.

I’m not  a regular churchgoer, but I have a deep and abiding faith in a personal God who loves each one of us. And I believe that if people followed the principles of unconditional love, acceptance and service to others that Jesus taught, the world would be a better place.

I can also be very “woo-woo” and constantly marvel at the energy-based universe that God created. It makes perfect sense to me to not only observe how He works with those energies, but to learn to work with them ourselves in order to elevate our minds and live our best lives.

I’m a dedicated vegetarian, but you can still invite me to your barbecue without fear of a lecture on how your burger was once Bessie the cow. I hate soapboxes, so I do my damndest to stay off of them.

If you want me to run screaming from the room, mention the latest weight loss fad.

I vote because it is a right and a privilege that people have fought and died for us to have. But I have zero faith that any elected official has a significant effect on whether or not I get to live an incredible and abundant life.

I believe that if you want to kick some ass, you have to stop waiting for pats on the head.

My three least favorite words in the English language are: “It’s too late.”

I’ve been known to break my own “no-soapbox” rule when I hear those three words come out of the mouth of someone I care about (or even a complete stranger). My thought process is simple: Are you breathing? Good. Then there’s still time to (fill in the blank with embarrassingly audacious dream you refuse to acknowledge to yourself or the world).

Author Sarah Ban Breathnach sums it up beautifully:

“The authentic self is the soul made visible.”

Notice she didn’t say “the soul made perfect” or “the soul made for mass appeal.”

She said “visible.”

Yes, visibility is scary. But definitely worth it.

Think about what it would be like to…

Be rid of the convoluted mental flow chart that tells you which persona to use for which occasion.

Receive the gift of being loved and respected for who you actually are.

Realize you’re going to be just fine if everyone on the planet doesn’t give you the aforementioned gift.

If revenge is a dish best served cold, then truth is one that’s best served raw.

So, let’s hear it. What’s real for you?

Share in the comments below. And everywhere else you get the chance.

Your truth is a treasure. Treat it accordingly.